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Local Law 11

MOA is an approved NYC Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector and can walk you through the process to help building owners avoid violations, fines and dangerous façade liabilities.

Interior Design

Projects are fed by client interaction and participation in the development of a space that reflects the unique business flow of the individual client.  MOA understands that every client conducts business in their own unique way and the space they construct to reflect their business needs will need to fit within a specific budget. 

Base Building

A great real estate project needs a thriving design that speaks to the targeted market’s demands.  A thriving  design that is well executed can also create its own demand and value.  Design is typically viewed as the aesthetic portion of an occupant’s architectural experience but it also embodies the parts of the building that many people do not normally see.

Building Restorations

Buildings are living, breathing things and just like all living things they age. As they age, they require maintenance to continue to function properly and maximize their life span.


Magnum Opus Architecture provides residential  services for property managers , building owners, co-op boards, and the private individual.

Space program

Before someone builds a building or space, they need to ask themselves “what do I need this building or space to do?”   The answers to that question began when architecture began. Structures have always been based on gathering program data, making decisions based on that data, then designing something, constructing it, and ultimately occupying it.


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